Monday, January 4, 2010

Week of 1/03 to 1/10: ART

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!

Sunday Shutterbugs is changing things up JUST a bit to start off the New Year. Rather than have a totally random theme, Sunday Shutterbugs is going to be picking a theme alphabetically. For this week and next week the theme we pick will start with letter "A". The following two weeks after that our theme will be based on the letter "B". This way by the end of the year, we will have gone thru the entire alphabet A-Z.

The idea behind our new "alphabet" theme was inspired by another blogger, Nicole Maki, who just started a new website AtoZ Year. Nicole and her family like celebrating each letter of the alphabet for two weeks at a time by doing various things that start with each letter. For instance, this week since the letter is A they made Apple Crisp and have plans to watch Aladdin. Nicole started the AtoZ YEAR site so others can join in and participate. There are lots of different groups over there. (including a photography group of course) I highly suggest stopping by, taking a look and joining in on the fun!

So to start off our year, here is our first "A" theme of.... ART. Show us something that defines "ART" for you.

Edie's Photo:

Here's Corinna's photo: