Monday, May 10, 2010

Week of 5/09 to 5/16: J is for JUMP

Here is the 2nd theme for this week. (for the first theme check out "Incandescent" below) The word for this week is JUMP. What makes you jump? Do you have something near you that jumps? Do you know someone that likes to jump? Maybe show us one of you jumping? What defines "jump" for you?

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Week of 5/09 to 5/16: I is for INCANDESCENT

Ok.. we are doing a double theme this week, since we missed last week. (sorry.. life got busy for us moms) So there will be 2 new posts.. one to finish up I and the start of J.

According to the dictionary Incandescent means:
1. (of light) produced by incandescence.
2. glowing or white with heat.
3. intensely bright; brilliant.
4. brilliant; masterly; extraordinarily lucid: an incandescent masterpiece; incandescent wit.
5. aglow with ardor, purpose, etc.: the incandescent vitality of youth.

Show us your take on "Incandescent"

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