Sunday, January 16, 2011

January's Theme: SHAPES Week 3

We are 3 weeks into the new year already and we are 3 weeks into our first theme of the year. Have you been having fun looking for shapes? Did you turn up any interesting or unique shapes near you? Can't wait to see what you have found.

Edie's Photo:

Ok I finally went on a walk, but it was a brief one. I had lost track of time and realized that the sun was going down in 30 minutes so I ran over to the local park to see what kind of shapes were there. Parks with playground sets are great places to find interesting shapes.

This is a picture of a spiral pole slide thing. I actually laid on the ground, got myself mostly under the thing, and shot the picture looking up at the sky. I think the kids in the park thought I was crazy but hey I just had to get the shot. :) I wish my depth of field would have been more "in focus" but unfortunately there wasn't too much light left in the day so I had to open my aperture up as big as it could go, which then cuts down on the depth of field that is in focus. This was taken as ISO 3200. My camera can go higher, but then I start getting a grainy appearance so I try to avoid pushing it any further.

Corinna's Photo: I think this wall has a lot of interesting shapes. If you look at it one second, you can see a butterfly or flower, but if you look again you can see a circle, and then there are lots of individual shapes making up the larger ones.