Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! 01/01/2012

Ok, Sunday Shutterbugs is back and ready to start of 2012 with a bang!  We have some big changes in store for this year that we hope you all will like.

The first change... Sunday Shutterbugs now has their own Facebook page!  We realized that a lot of people still don't blog so it may make it hard for everyone to share their photos here.  However, almost everyone has a Facebook account.   We hope by setting up a Facebook page we can get more people to share their photos and participate in our weekly updates.    We will continue to put our main photos up here, and for those of you who have a blog you are welcome to add a link to your photos in the comment section if you like.   We also hope that the Facebook page might be a great way to spread the word about our little site so again, we can get more people participating and having fun with photos.

The second change..  The last two years Sunday Shutterbugs has based their photos off of a theme of some sort.   Well this year, we will not be doing "themes.   Although Corinna and I had fun with the theme ideas, there were some weeks where the theme didn't float our boat.  Some felt more like a bad homework assignment and less like a fun creative project.    We figured that if we were feeling this way, then there is a chance that others might be feeling that way as well.. so bye bye theme weeks.  

Hmm so what are we going to be taking pictures of then?  Whatever we want!  They are going to be totally random photos of anything whatever we want.  One week might be a sunset photo, the next might be a interesting shot of a kitchen tool, and the one after that might be of one of our kids blowing out candles on their birthday cake.    The same applies to the photos that you guys post.. they can be ANYTHING you want.  The only stipulations we have are 1) that they are taken during the previous week and 2) that the subject matter be suitable for all audiences and 3) that people limit their photos to 1 per week.

So without further ado here is our first photos of 2012...  We hope everyone likes the changes and plays along with us! :)

Edie's photo:

** I found a cool challenge online that I decided to try.  They suggested going to your back yard, or room, or picking a place in a park and just sit for 10 minutes.  Don't take any photos, just sit and think about what you might want to take a photo of.   Then you have 5 minutes to take pictures of that item or object.  I went to my back patio, which honestly is not that pretty.  On the patio we have our daughters bike sitting there so I came up with the idea of taking photos from different angles and stuff.   I probably would not have thought of taking such a photo had I not done the challenge.

Corinna's photo: