Thursday, February 10, 2011

February's theme - RED week one

Sorry for the delay.. Corinna and I were debating on the theme for this month for a bit. We decided to go with a theme that matched this month, since February is the month of love, hearts, flowers and candy. The theme we went with is RED... as in the color red.

Show us what is RED near you.

Corinna's Photo: I debated about posting this photo because my hubby (who taught me a LOT of what I know about photography) said it was blurry when I showed it to him. But that's what I actually like about it! LOL I like that it has this soft dreamy quality about it.

Edie's Photo: In case you are wondering I don't have any fancy studio equipment. (though I wish I did) This photo was taken right on the kitchen table with my awful kitchen light on overhead. What helped make this photo look better is 1) 2 pieces of white foam board/photo board for the surface and background area and 2) using my desk lamp as my "studio light" and thus fixing the icky kitchen lighting I had. It's something that anyone can do. :)