Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week of 11/07 to 11/14/10 - W is for WATER

Can you believe we are on W now??  We have just W,X,Y,Z left and then we start with a new year, and a new set of challenges.

Our first theme for W is WATER... which luckily is in plentiful supply around us.  

Corinna's Photo: I was hiking in a county conservation park near our home and at one point crossed over this little babbling brook! I really liked the line in this shot, how the water current makes a zig-zag.

Edie's Photo:   The original photo I had in mind for the theme this week was completely different than what I am showing here.  I had planned on taking out my good old macro lens and play with some water drops.  However an impromptu trip to the beach with a friend gave me a perfect opportunity to take a different type of water photo all together.    A photo that you "big picture" people might appreciate more ;)

Please just leave your links in the comments section for us to come over and see your photos!