Sunday, June 6, 2010

week of 6/6 to 6/13 L is for LIGHT

Well it looks like kitty might have been a bit more challenging than anticipated for everyone.  Hopefully this next theme might be a little easy for everyone to do, since this week the theme : LIGHT.  I'm sure that no matter where you are, there is bound to be something near you that can be used for LIGHT.  Here is what Corinna and I manage to come up with:

Edie's Photo:

Corinna's Photo:


  1. Love the theme this week for L.. last week could not find a kitty anywhere. while buying flowers at the nursery sat afternoon there was a kitty being lazy amongst all the flowers in the greenhouse.. but I didn't bring my camera!!!! oh well..

  2. Ooooh..Corinna, I love yours. I took some like this last summer. I need to ponder what to take one for this week. There's not much light coming through all this rain.