Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week of 07/11 - 07/18: Part 1 - NATURE

As promised here we have a double post this week with the letter N to get us back on track with the alphabet. The first theme is NATURE... What sort of Nature do you have near you? When you think of Nature, what comes to mind?

Edie's Photo:
I will admit when I think NATURE I prefer to take pictures of mountains and trees, or of flowers and animals before I take a picture of an insect. Unfortunately having only one family car this week made me cancel any possible trips to the mountains and limited my "nature" search to my own somewhat suburban neighborhood. I found this guy building a web, and although Im not found of the creepy- crawlies, I think they do a good job of representing "Nature".

Corinna's Photo:


  1. Posted a couple of photos - hope you like.

  2. I could live without that spider but that shot is great.