Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February's theme: RED week two

We're back..... time for our 2nd round of photos with the theme of RED.   As you can see Corinna and I took two totally different approaches to the photo this week.

As always, anyone is welcome to play along.  Just post the photo to a online gallery we can look at, or your blog and then add your comment below.  We would LOVE to see what is RED in your area.

Corinna's Photo:

Edie's Photo:

Ok I will admit, I was REALLY inspired by Corinna's hershey kiss photo from the week before.   I will also admit that this was a "last minute" photo for me... I had tried a few other ideas and then didnt work out.   So I tried Corinna's idea, got a few good shots and went with it. :)


  1. http://craftsbykatie.blogspot.com/2011/02/almost-wordless-wednesday_17.html

  2. What a nice idea for a blog! I found you on Twitter. Red is my favorite color and I've shot a lot of pics of my favorite red bird, the Cardinal. Here's one:


  3. Ooops -- thanks for letting me know my photo was set to private. Don't know how that happened. I fixed it.

  4. Twitter? I don't think I have either of you ladies on Twitter.