Sunday, June 12, 2011

June's theme: ANIMALS week two

Did you spot some animals near you last week? Think you might spot some more this week? Well if you do, make sure you post links to your photos here. Corinna and I would love to see what you found.

Edie's Photo: I know my subject is not what you would call a "pretty" animal, but hey it's still an animal and an animal that I had to actually drive for 30 minutes to get to. lol

Corinna's photo:

Please jump in and participate by leaving a link to your photo in the comments box so we can come see yours too!


  1. It was worth the drive Edie. He looks quite regal and very serious:-)
    Love the pup...those eyes say so much!

  2. You drive half an hour, I walk 2 blocks. lol I'm way behind on pics or posts, and I'm really annoyed that I missed flowers, but I'll try to do some catching up soon.

    Amanda (on my phone, won't let me sign in to google)