Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week of 07/23 - 08/01 O is for OPEN

OK... some of you noticed we didn't have a theme last week.  Sorry about that, but Edie has some issues with her photo software and couldn't access any of her photos much less upload new ones from the camera to the computer.  Thankfully she backs up everything and is up and running.

So since we missed last week, we are hitting you with a double theme this week.  The first theme allows us to finish out O, and that theme is OPEN.  What do you have thats OPEN near you?

Edie's Photo:  Ok I had a ton of ideas in my head for this one, everything from an open skyline, open road to an open can of peanuts.  Unfortunately none of them panned out.  Luckily while I was out for a hike I happened across this semi open flower on a cactus.. so thats my picture for this week.

** Feel free to click on the photo to make it bigger

Corinna's Photo:

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  1. I took the quick and dirty route this time; that link is to my Facebook album instead of a blog post. I'll write about it later but I didn't want to forget. Actually, I meant to link the one photo not all four: Call it open sky, open country, skies opening up...whatever floats your boat. :)