Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January's Theme: SHAPES Week 2

Well it looks like some of you are playing along with us! We really enjoy looking at everyone's take on the theme, so keep them coming.

This week is week 2 for our SHAPE theme. Don't worry if you didn't get a chance to post your photo last week. Remember this is a month long theme. You can post a new photo every week, or you can post a new photo every two weeks or you can post one once a month. You can even post two photos in the same week. It's whatever works best for you.

Corinna and I will continue to post a new photo every week. Here are our takes on SHAPES this week.

Edie's Photo:

Ok I will admit, the weekend got away from me and before I could blink Monday was here and I still had not taken any photo yet. Luckily we still have our Christmas decorations up and I was able to use some of those as props for some possible "shape" photos. This one is a set of jingle bells that we have hanging from our front door. Once again I took out my trusty old macro lens for this shot. I'm going to try next week to do a non-macro shot. I promise.

Corinna's photo: 

 My dear old dad stopped by this morning on his way home from work (he works night shift) and drank a beer. Well, I never cleaned up the bottle and later in the afternoon I noticed the sun streaming through the window and lighting the bottle up and thought it was kinda cool so decided to use that as my SHAPE photo!

Leave us your links to your photos in the comments box please!

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  1. I have been absent for some time but I am getting it back... kinda blah the last couple months with no inspiration... I think my inspiration has returned... an older photo but it is cold here and I am thinking warmer months...but my camera has come out of the darkness.... love you photos...